Privacy? Privacyyy!

Welcome back for the fourth article in our “A Beginner’s Guide to IoT” series! On the back of our article on Security (check that out here), we’re now going to be taking a look at privacy in IoT, how it differs from security (trust us, it’s a little more complicated than you might expect), and […]

Security in IoT

What even is security? A big HELLO 👋🏻 from CroudThings and welcome to OUR THIRD ARTICLE!! This week we’re tackling the world of IoT and security. We’ll get to grips with what security means in IoT, what the big-hitting issues are and what might happen if we get it wrong. The concept of security is […]

IoT and Home

Here We Goooo… Welcome back to the second article in the “Beginners’ Guide to IoT”! This week, we’re taking a look at IoT and the Home. We will avoid specific bits of home automation and IoT kit you’ll no doubt have stumbled upon while browsing Amazon (other retailers are available), and instead we will inspect […]

A Beginners Guide to IoT

Hi and welcome to A Beginners Guide to IoT! In this series, we’ll explore all of the technologies, developments and applications that are essential to understanding where IoT is in today’s world. We’re in the process of writing the first article which will provide a fundamental introduction into IoT and explain a little more about […]