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Welcome to Behind the Croud. Here, you’ll find information on the people behind CroudThingsTM, what exactly CroudThings is (useful if you’re new to us), and a little bit about our vision for what we want CroudThings to become.

To start, let us introduce the team. On the left, you’ll find a handsome, if vaguely Where’s Wally lookalike, called James. He’s one of the co-founders of CroudThings and has a passion for how IoT can be applied within buildings and cities to create more inclusive and sustainable design.

On the right, there’s the gloriously bearded and devilishly charming other co-founder named Kyp. He has a passion for anything electronic and technology related but has a real proclivity for radio frequency and IoT communications.

James – Co-Founder of CroudThings
Kyp – Co-Founder of CroudThings

As you probably guessed, CroudThings is a blog aspiring to be the defacto place for people to learn about everything from the fundamentals, to the cutting edge of IoT, smart cities and any related technology. We want to be more than just reference material for engineers and technologists, and appeal to a broader audience to help everyone develop an understanding of how this ground-breaking technology it going revolutionise our lives.

We envision a future within which ‘connected’ is the norm, and where sensor and actuation systems are seen as fundamental infrastructure rather than a gimmick. We believe that in order to get there, we have to step forward together. As a society having technologies forced upon us in the form of ‘smart cities’, we need to be able to hold decision-makers accountable and help engineers design systems that work for everyone.

The only way this can be achieved is through everyone have a core understanding of what IoT and smart cities are. If after developing this basis of knowledge you want to learn more, stick around for more article series diving into the world of IoT and smart cities.

If you want to keep up to date with the information that we’re reading, take a look at our twitter feed and if you want to get involved in the IoT conversation with us, check out our reddit page. Like every new blog, you can also find us on Medium if you prefer to read there.

Other than that, we hope you enjoy reading!

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