We’re Back…

Whoop whoop, we’re back! 

We’ve been on a little break working on the backend of CT, but we’re excited to be back and kicking! We’re keen to end 2019 on a high, and start preparing ourselves for the exciting work we have planned for 2020 (all of which we’ll tell you about soon)! 

One of the most exciting things we’re going to be bringing to you before the end of the year is the creation of CT Thoughts!

Unlike our previous series, CT Thoughts is about writing more qualitative opinion pieces, rather than instructive and analysis based articles. We want to start tackling issues and ideas separated from the technical challenges of IoT and Smart Cities. IoT and Smart Cities are fundamentally about people, and we want to make sure we’re writing just as much about people as we are about tech.

We’re incredibly excited to bring you a new form of writing that should be thought provoking and insightful. Stay tuned for our first CT Thoughts article; you’ll be able to find here. That’s all for now but we’ve got some exciting things planned that we can’t wait to tell you about!

<3 – CroudThings

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